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American folklorist Alan Lomax's sound archives

Comprehensive African discographies, maintained by Flemming Harrev in Denmark

Graeme Counsel's RADIO AFRICA from Australia, with many West African discographies

Douglas Paterson's East African pages

Tim Clifford's kentanzavinyl compiles ALL East African 45s into a database (London)

Nearly complete Franco discography in Japan

Matthew Lavoie, formerly of Voice of America, now resides in North Africa from where he maintains the Wealth of the Wise blog

Radio Gladys Palmera broadcasts from Spain

Stefan Werdekker's Worldservice from the Low Countries

John Beadle's Likembe features a lot of African music for your listening pleasure

Count Reeshard's No Condition is Permanent is a weekly podcast

Moos' Global Groovers is on a mission to give away loads of music

You can listen to and buy rare East African 45s on Fred Lavik's site AFRO7